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Brother 1034d Serger

Troubleshooting Noises

Knocking means metal hitting metal, serging in this state just worsens the wear and damage to your machine. Stop and locate the noise. $$$ the machine is telling you "pay me attention now, or pay $$$ later."


Unplug your machine so you do not accidentally serge yourself.


Handwalk your flywheel on the right side of the machine towards you while watching the needle area and loopers. Remove the presser foot for a better view if needed.


Shine a bright flashlight if needed. If the loopers are hitting each other or breaking needles, something is bent and may need replacement.


Needle offset diagramChange your needles and doublecheck they are flat backed into the housing and offset properly.







Stitchfinger Location diagramCheck that your Stitchfinger is seated properly inside the machine






Feeler Guage Tool

(Click to enlarge view)



For those of you who need to fix their own timing, make sure and read our Service Manual publication for accurate specifications. A feeler gauge for your measurements. Way faster and easier than a caliper to get into all those small spaces and very accurate too.

Available at Harbor Freight for $4.99.  (Thanks Karen Wood)


How to adjust your timing: this is the best write up with photos we have seen

Burley Sew - Video on Serger Timing Adjustment


Skipped Stitiches - adjust timing video - also not good camera work but useful info

Basic Serger Maintenance
Belt Adjustment - fix serger noise
Skipped Stitches
Upper Looper Fix

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